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So does everyone else in the world including my Aunt Tilly. But an idea is NOT an IP. You can’t copyright or trademark an idea. In fact, if some other innovator comes along with the exact, same idea as your brainstorm, there’s nothing you can do about it.
An idea is NOT an intellectual property. An idea becomes an intellectual property when you apply work to it – write it, design it, describe it, code it, or otherwise put some work into that idea. And the more work you put into your idea, the more of an intellectual property you own – an IP that needs protection from theft or infringement. Visit this website to become more aware of quality and affordable intellectual protection services from a well-known provider in the Bangladesh area.
That protection can take the form of a registered copyright, a patent, a license, a contract or some other defining documentation that describes the parameters of the intellectual property.
That’s why it’s critical to protect your idea as you give it more and more form. You can copyright a book or film. And as the copyright holder, you own that IP, whether it’s a book, video game, movie, webinar, seminar or any other form of media. Without legal protection your intellectual property may be unprotected.
You know the famous smiley face – the one that’s burned into all of our brains? Well, the artist who created that ubiquitous icon never registered the copyright for the image and, over time, that smiley face fell in to the public domain, which means anyone can use it. Even an IP lawyer.
If you’re new to the concept of IP, but you’re in the process of creating one, i.e. you’re writing a book, coding a computer game, building a website or broadcasting a webinar, you need protection early in the development process.
The world wide web, and all the attendant “new media,” have created an insatiable demand for intellectual properties. Today, an IP – a good one – is almost like currency. It can be traded, bought and sold, used to build credibility and trust and generate revenue. And if it’s really good, that IP can generate a whole lot of revenue.

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